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How do you get 40,760+ LinkedIn post views in 3 days if you only have ~735 followers?

My #TuesdayTip: go with your gut, even if it goes against popular wisdom.

I've been experimenting with expanding my LinkedIn reach. Much of the research says that Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday are the best days to post. Probably the worst time to post is a Friday night at 5:30pm.

But I had just finished The Long Game by Dorie Clark on Friday at 5pm and I realized that the pandemic had completely thrown off my long-term career planning. And if it threw me for a loop, I knew that I wasn't the only one who was off of their game. So, I posted my thoughts on Friday at 5:30pm anyways.

I'm a resume writer/career coach who tries to help others figure out their long-term plans, but I had completely neglected that planning for myself for the past 19 months. Now, I'm not going to be hard on myself - I have 4 school age kids and anyone who has done Zoom school with a kindergartener while working knows that getting through each day literally takes all of your energy. So, life really was all about short-term thinking (and survival!) for a long stretch of time. My kids are back in school full-time and I can finally think, so it's time for me to plan where I want to be professionally in 5-10 years and beyond. Do you find yourself in a similar space?

I could have waited to post until a "better" time. But I really felt like this was an important question, so I posted. In my experience, this analogy holds for career planning too - sometimes you just *know* what's right (or not right) for you. There is no clear cut formula to make things work - you need to experiment and try something completely different to see results.

BTW, if you haven't voted yet, you still have time! You can see the original post and cast your vote here:

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