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How do you get a new job in 60 days?

Nurture your network!

I was happy to discuss up-to-date job search strategies at today's Pennsylvania Career Development Association (PACDA) event.

We talked through lots of great advice (i.e. don't apply to 100s of random online jobs), and talked extensively about how building a strong network is a key piece of any job search. Really, networking is important at any stage of your career because you don't want to build your network when you're looking for a job - you want to have your network in place already!

Networking has gotten a bad rap, but when done properly, it's really just relationship building - plain and simple.

So, how do you build your network in these crazy times when in-person networking events may limited? Well, hopefully you're always building new relationships - whether you are at your child's soccer game or in a Zoom business meeting.

Use these relationships to build your LinkedIn network - after I meet with anyone new (a new client, someone that I've met at a virtual or in-person event, etc.), I always send a LinkedIn connection request.

If your network isn't up-to-date, I recommend taking sometime to connect on LinkedIn with your previous coworkers, clients, and others. Years ago, the advice was to only connect with people who you had met in person, but that just isn't the case anymore. You want to cast a wide net when building your network.

And if you're not already part of my network, feel free to send a connection request, but make sure to add a note about why you think we should connect.

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