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Job hopping is not a red flag for hiring anymore

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

In a recent MSN News/Tribune Content Agency piece (, I spoke with Kathleen Furore about how things have changed when it comes to leaving a job within a short period of time:

“Those rules have been thrown out the window — and certainly, the great resignation that we are seeing is part of this,” says Colleen Paulson, an executive resume writer, career coach, and the communications chair of the Pennsylvania Career Development Association.

According to Paulson, employers don’t view multiple moves in such a negative light any longer.

“The idea of skill stacking is much more accepted now,” she explains. “Employers know that workers are gaining different skills through new experiences and aren’t afraid to take a chance on a new employee even if they have had five jobs in five years.”

Have you left a job within a year or two of starting? What sparked you to leave a job quickly? Do you think that job hopping hurt your chances in finding your next job?

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