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Thanks to LinkedIn News for featuring my comments on the Great Resignation and the future of work.

After the past 20 months, it's only natural that we are recalibrating what work will look in the future.

I talk everyday with executives who are rethinking their careers.

Some job seekers are looking for raises or promotions, but most of the folks that I talk with are looking for organizations that are a strong fit with their values. They just aren't willing to spend any more time working for companies that don't care about their people.

And many women left the workforce because it just was too much to manage remote learning and child care with their work responsibilities. Some became entrepreneurs so that they can set their own schedules and chart their own path. Others just need some time to recharge again.

Thanks again to LinkedIn News, Jessi Hempel, and Gianna Prudente for keeping the discussion going. If you haven't listened to the Hello Monday podcast, it's definitely worth a listen.

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