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What am I seeing during the Great Resignation?

* Raises of up to 50% to keep staff from leaving

* 16 year old workers starting at $15/hour

* Fortune 500 companies with open roles that they can't fill

* Executives at publicly-traded companies thinking through exit strategies

* For some, it's a great job market ... for others (especially those over 50 and women returning to the workplace), it's tougher to find a job that fits their skills.

My prediction for 2022 is that things will only get crazier.

I was at a virtual networking event last night and many of us shared stories of what we are seeing. Older workers are making big changes based on the priorities and values that they revisited during the pandemic. Younger workers (especially those graduating in 2020) are trying to figure out how to get started. Those in mid-career are demanding remote and flexible work.

Vaccination status is already a hot topic and will become even more intense if mandates are enforced across the board in 2022. Some people won't return to in-person work if they have to wear a mask. No matter how you view this personally - there is a lot of division around what the right way to proceed is and these decisions don't look to get easier anytime soon.

What are you seeing in the job market today and where do you think things will go in 2022?


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